Scriptocean Javascript Accordion Menu

Scriptocean Javascript Accordion Menu 1.0

Accordion Menu is an image navigation script tool that supports hor & vert menus
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The ScriptOcean Javascript Accordion Menu is a software image based navigation script program tool that supports horizontal and vertical menus that allows users to create an accordion style menu to show hidden content on their websites and blogs which is mouse click or hover activated.

Website and blog users are presented with a very basic window type interface where they can select their choice of either a horizontal or a vertical menu from a drop down menu box and they can also input a file name here in case they will require more than one menu. The ScriptOcean Javascript Accordion Menu interface requires input of height and width measurements and features color choices and image widths etc., and users can open any image files in it that they want to use to uniquely design their accordion menus.

The program also features description text for each image, and transparency of text areas. The menu can also be used as a content viewer and can be placed anywhere on the web page. It is especially useful for sites where space is short. As well as being used as a menu, the ScriptOcean Javascript Accordion Menu can be used for page navigation, as a tool window, a login form, and for hidden contents or sticky notes.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Handy and effective menu


  • Users with more than 1 HTML folder on their website may have to edit attributes
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